Friday, August 21, 2009

Real 80s Look

It seems 80s are back again, and this time for good. At least in style and fashion terms speaking. Here's an actual picture of me from 1988. I was singing at a school song festival, and yes I was so very young! That reminds me that I started wearing black at 13 and I couldn't stop it anymore. Blackish is my style. Oh, please notice how ridiculous we used to look with those huge shoulder pads! I can bearly believe that skirt lenght. So awful! Well, you can tell I am not specially nostalgic for 80s, he, he. There was certainly too much bright color, too much neon, just too much pop!!! I definetely prefer 90s. In the 90s I used to be a dark (now called gothic) styled girl with much fascination for The Craw and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton was my god). You get the picture. Sadly, I don't have much pics from that period, except for my travel ones (I wore jeans and sport clothes most of the time). That's it for now. What do you think?

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