Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I discovered a musical jewel

A virtual friend (I'm more his fan than his friend, but anyway) is an amateur guitar player, and he told me he likes to play Villa-Lobos. I wondered "Who can that be?" and started an internet research. First, I found the video embedded in this post, and later the data of Heitor Villa-Lobos in here: Villa-Lobos en Wikipedia I think his music is just beautifully intricate. Prelude 3 is so ethereal, almost unattainable. Whilst Prelude 1 is rougher and it reminds me of Iberian music (it makes me think of a big plant of red roses falling from an antique brick wall in a Spanish garden). Find a quiet place and enjoy it. Prelude 1:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Absolutely Clueless at Twitter

I'm still trying to figure out what happened last night. For some reason I found these when I checked my @kitty_valerie: michaelbathurst Twitter Angels @kmoore404 @auldmags @StuAndrews @MasterChuck @alokjain @kitty_valerie @LSFProgram @thesachsgirl about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck and then: BarbaraBathurst Twitter Angels @michaelbathurst @kmoore404 @auldmags @StuAndrews @MasterChuck @alokjain @kitty_valerie @LSFProgram @thesachsgirl about 13 hours ago from web I got astonished, I mean "Twitter Angel"? What the heck?! Suddenly, I started receiving tons of messages warning me that I had a new follower. Most of theme were pastors (!?) and Christian people. Can you imagine Ned Flanders following me? I'm still waiting for an explanation from michaelbathurst, but I doubt I'll get one. It all began just after a reply I received when I asked @BryanGT3RS what is a "LOA Believer": "I believe in the Law of Attraction. What you put out to the Universe is what you get back. Karma. How do you feel about that?" I don't think there may be a connection with Michael Bathusrt, may it? Later, I started to think the thing was I followed a cause called something like "24 hour for a change" (I'm not sure). I thought it might be a good idea, but I regret it, since this morning I had 26 new messages about new followers. Well, some of them are from Canada and I followed several art and museums from that country, so it is not a surprise. I don't get it. How I got about 50 new followers in less than 12 hours? Why Michael Bathusrt spot my name out? I'm absolutely clueless.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reluctant to Financial Lifestyle

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“New York, London, and other financial centers were heavily dependent on financial-sector profits. Throw in the technology-driven collapse of the publishing and broadcast industries headquartered in such places, and those cities are likely to suffer devastating blows. Capitals of both politics and commerce, such as Paris and Tokyo, will adjust the best in the new state-capitalist world. Purely commercial centers such as New York and Frankfurt will suffer the most. Without the obscenely rich investment bankers and the legions of well-paid retainers who supported their lifestyles, formerly flourishing parts of these former financial capitals may become as derelict as Detroit or the crumbling industrial towns of northern Britain and Germany’s Ruhr region.” Source: Michael Lind, Foreign Policy Well, New York is not only about finances, but also social activities, art, culture and politics, among others. Nevertheless, US people has got enough of Wall Street lifestyle. They are rather reluctant to embrace the path that led them to recession. According to NY Herald "Unemployment hits a 25 year high, and 2 million jobs have been lost in the first three months of this year alone. Since the beginning of 2008, 5.1 million jobs have been lost." Therefore, we can expect the big apple to suffer the consequences. What do you think?
I took this photo the other day through a chocolate plastic box that distorted the image. I wanted to do that since my boyfriend gave me the chocolates, but I just wasn’t in the mood. Well, that mirror is in my bedroom and I love it is not centered in the frame. Enjoy this image and use it as you wish, it is royalty free, he, he.

I just love Cheeky Quotes

This one is good: Why get married and make one man miserable when I can stay single and make thousands miserable? Carrie P. Snow Ha, ha, ha.

In English for you people wherever you are

Hi, I’ve got tons of blogs but I thought it was about time to write one in English, so worldwide people could understand it. Very welcome to my blog.