Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music is my life


Well, I love music of all kinds, genres and times.

I remember when I was aged 9 or 10 mother used to play a vinyl in a pickup of a young Edith Piaf singing "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien". I wondered who can be this long faced and suffering woman portrayed in the disc cover.

Many years later I discovered the magnificent variety of her worldwide known works, and even sang a song in public impersonating her.

French music is so inspiring that I feel my chest filled with a strange mixture of melancholy and joy. It is just amazing.

Some of my favorite French artists (musicians and singers) are: Ives Montand, Jaques Brel, Gilbert Becaude, Charles Trenet, Georges Moustakis, Charles Aznavour and of course Edith Piaf.

I hope you'll enjoy them.

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Historical sites with charmine said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog,sorry i couldn't get here sooner.Music i too love,my dad plays jazz/piano and so music is in my genes.

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