Sunday, August 30, 2009

My beloved cat

I introduce you my cat named "muchachín" (little guy).
He's going to be 11 years old on November 14th.
He loves tuna, fish and sea food, and his parties consist in laying in a very sunny spot a whole afternoon.
I think I never felt an affection like this before.
Animals give us pure love and strong loyalty like anyone else can.
I even wrote a poem in Spanish about it (
Have a great Sunday!

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Julie Marie said...

Hello Kitty, I love Muchachin! What a beautiful "Gato"! I read your pretty poem, I know enough Spanish to know he is the love of your life, with those Heavenly blue eyes! Animals are such a part of my life too... I am so happy to see your sweet Muchachin! I know he will have a very happy birthday, eating tuna fish and getting so much love from you! Kitty kisses Muchachin! Bisous... Julie Marie