Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm a kitty - Show & Tell Friday

Today is Show & Tell Friday hosted by Kelly at Thanks, Kelly.

Hey! It's Friday again! I know most of you are at home enjoying Labor Day. Cool.
Well, not here in Chile. We work normally. But it's still Friday!!!

My show stuff is a cellphone holder. As you may see it's a Hello Kitty plastic figure I bought in Santiago de Chile. It costs about $4 USdollars.

Since I'm a kitty, this is my symbol. He, he, he.

My boyfriend and I have the same cellphone model.

So I got this cute kitty holder to identify my cellphone from his.

I thought it was a good idea to put it over some of my colourful scarfes.

Pictures are not very clear because I lost focus since I didn't know how to use the camera at that time. But I've learnt it, so I promise better pics in the future ;-)

Have a great Friday!!!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

ahhhh.. my daughter would like this.. Hello Kitty.. i used to collect HK stationeries and toileteries.. so nice! have a great weekend!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Kitty Kitty!!! Too cute! Bisous... Julie Marie

Cindy said...

Love hello kitty. My daughter, too. Very nice post.

Jules said...

Nice post. Love the bright colors! Thanks for sharing your show & tell! :o)

The Old Parsonage said...

Great idea! It's soo sweet.



Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Cute Kitty! Smart way to distinguish the phones -- thanks so much for your kind visit and comments - I looked at your osterich ride -- you're a brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty is so sweet- she became popular when my first daughter was just four years old. Now she is all grown up and Hello Kitty is just as popular as ever.
She looks so nice with all of your scarves.

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Hi Kitty! Your 'Hello Kitty' is so cute.

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining up to follow. :) I'm following yours now, too!

Have a great weekend! ~Mari

Slice of Pie said...

Thanks for visiting my site ... you are just days away from sharing a 35th birthday with my daughter! Love your posts... photos are beautiful ... love the cat!

Tara said...

Hopefully your boyfriend never accidentally grabs Hello Kitty by mistake! That could get a bit embarrassing for him! Hope you are having a beautiful weekend all the way out there in Chile!