Monday, December 21, 2009

Pool Season

Here in Chile is currently very hot, c.a. 88° F. And Summer is beginning today!

It was kind of hot yesterday also, and I had the first refreshing swim of the season at my sister's pool, which was entirely available just for me. It was delicious!

I love pools painted in aquamarine. Water looks so clear. Actually I love that color in jewelry, clothes, furniture, and almost everything.

There I was. Floating in the middle of the quietness of a Sunday afternoon. Just looking at a georgeous perfectly unclouded sky, and deeply engrossed in my ruminations.

Suddenly, the past attacked me, and I remembered all of the Summers that I used to go to "Baños El Corazón" pool. A very big pool at a thermal baths venue in Chile. I spent entire afternoons in the water, just fooling around with my cousins.

I remind that going to the pool was always an occasion to celebrate, and we felt it was a time for party. What a nostalgia!

Have a great week :)

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