Saturday, February 27, 2010

Horrible Earthquake in Chile

It's been the strongest and longest earthquake I've been in my entire life (and I've been in four major ones).

How you can help:

American Red Cross -- The Red Cross has made an initial pledge of $50,000 from their International Response Fund, which you can contribute to to further assist.

Save The Children -- Save The Children is sending an emergency assessment team to Chile, and they are asking for contributions to their Children's Emergency Fund to aid these efforts.

AmeriCares -- Vice President of Emergency Response, Christoph Gorder, says AmeriCares is sending medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Chile. Make a direct contribution to AmeriCares' Chilean earthquake fund.

World Vision -- World Vision is sending emergency relief supplies and staff to Chile to help injured survivors. Donate to World Vision's Disaster Response Fund to directly contribute to aid heading to Chile.

International Medical Corps -- IMC has a presence in dozens of countries around the globe, providing immediate medical care to those affected by natural disasters. Contribute to their emergency response fund. Further updates on IMC's potential presence in Chile coming soon.

Operation USA -- Operation USA is sending emergency relief to Chile following the earthquake. Text REBUILD to 50555 to donate $10 to Operation USA's Chile disaster relief efforts or donate online at

Oxfam -- Though Oxfam recently ended their ongoing work in Chile, the organization is sending water engineers and logisticians to assess the situation and determine what sort of ongoing aid is needed. Donate to Oxfam here.

ShelterBox -- International disaster relief agency ShelterBox has mobilized a team to bring aid to Concepcion, Chile's second largest city, that likely witnessed the worst shaking. Donate to ShelterBox.

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