Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, my sweetie's dad!!!

Today, my sweetie's dad was born. It's his birthday!

Generally, I havent had close relationships with any of my former boyfriend dads, but mostly with their moms. But this time it is different: I really appreciate this gentleman.

Since he studied in Paris, France, we started conversations related to French culture since almost the minute we meet, and we talk a lot (I studied French language because of my work). And although my boyfriend says his dad is not a great talker -specially concerning his work- we usually have never ending conversations about the factory he runs.

I admire this man because his modesty and simple way of life. Even being a man with a great position, he is not a sophisticated person, and never looks anyone over his shoulder (as we say in Chile). He knows his job and he performes it correctly.

I've heard he is a great boss. He sacrifices his vacation for his workers to have theirs. He is fair and  worries about his workers wellness.

I wish him a so very happy birthday from the deepest bottom of my heart!!!

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Julie Marie said...

Hello Kitty, he sounds like a wonderful man, happy birthday to him! Bisous... Julie Marie